2013 Bowling Tournament


*Note – the 1st Annual Dano Memorial Bowling tournament was team event only – 4/20/2013

1st Place – 3582 – Team Terry Chapman – Ken Gerhardstein, Chris Chapman, Terry Chapman, Tony Kelley, and Kevin Krieger

2nd Place – 3458 – Team Payne – Brooke Payne, Chad Payne, Johnny Smith Jr., Ken Cook, and Jeremy Crayton

3rd Place – 3441 – Team Englehart – Samanatha Englehart, Dave Street, Dwayne Englehart, Isobel Consevage, and Teresa Street

4th Place – 3416 – Team Taco – Andrew Toccaceli, Shane Toccaceli, Scott Romick, Brad Buckingham, and Willie Lauer

5th Place – 3395 – Team Vesta – Vesta Whyde, Ben Heckathorn, Jeff Herold, Al Thompkins, Terry Camp

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