Teams Entered






WE’VE EXPANDED OUR FIELD TO 46 TEAMS FOR 2019! Text Jarrett Lang to add your entry to our WAIT LIST- 419-656-2625

*Entries will be granted on a first come/first serve basis and entered on this site as they are received

Download your entry form here! 

  1. Team Dano – Jarrett Lang, Willie Lauer, Andrew Toccaceli, and Cory Seiler
  2. Team Scott Lang – Scott Lang, David Lang, Brett Ninke and Brad Huntley
  3. Team Monica Seitz – Monica Seitz, Cathy Dorin-Lizzi, Trcee Lizzi and Gina Selvey
  4. Team Brett Koch – Brett Koch, Ray Seiler, Aj Erney and Chad Whaley
  5. Team Jarret Ensign – Jarret Ensign, Jesse Simon, Ricky Chini, and Joe Hedberg
  6. Team Beth Mathews – Beth Mathews, Bob Mathews, Rob Mathews and Dave Schoen
  7. Team DJ Pisano – DJ Pisano, Tyson Rhoad, Paul Dence, and Paul Nageotte
  8. Team Clayman – Mark Clayman, Dan Clayman, Pat Fitzgerald, and Cameron Green
  9. Team Kevin Durbin – Kevin Durbin, Don Grieves, Matt Grieves, and Brian Monak
  10. Team Nick Berryman – Nick Berryman, Gene Kidwell, Ed Muffler and Jerome Harrington
  11. Team Joe Lamb – Joe Lamb, Tom Kowaleski, Corey Gibson, and Josiah Sanchez
  12. Team Steve Old – Steve Old, Andrea Carter, Dave Meinert and Jeff Risner
  13. Team Stephanie Dubois – Stephanie Dubois, Jason Zess, Nathan Arroyo and Ryan Camella
  14. Team Brittany Stacey – Brittany Stacey, Jimmie Stacey, Katie Cotton and Chad Cotton
  15. Team Mark Speer – Mark Speer, Rodney Peters, Tyler Richardson, and Jackson Schaefer
  16. Team Jeff Lizzi – Jeff Lizzi, John Lizzi, Jeff Lewis and Mark Conger
  17. Team Justin Caudill – Justin Caudill, John Schaefer, Michael Eirons and Matt Zahel
  18. Team Adam Rice – Adam Rice, Jed Cullen, Bryce Nemitz, and Kyle Galindo
  19. Team Robin Lang – Robin Lang, Ashley Franks, Jeff Franks and TBD
  20. Team Denny Watson – Denny Watson, Kyle Watson, Kyle Howard and Rob Sibley
  21. Team Billy Haggerty – Billy Haggerty, Mike Zakerski, Harry Perdue, and Matt England
  22. Team Gary Gilbert – Gary Gilbert, Jim Henry, Nick Barylski, and Shawn Rice
  23. Team Evan Estep – Evan Estep, Ross Glovinsky, Jason Martin and Kevin McGraw
  24. Team Danny Michaels – Danny Michaels, Alex Gillett, Cory Andrews, and Brad Walbolt
  25. Team Ryan Glass – Ryan Glass, Kerrie Glass, Nathan Glass and Deanna Glass
  26. Team Todd Gerold – Todd Gerold, Tommy Zeiher, Rance Layton and Larry Collins
  27. Team Tony Kelley – Tony Kelley, A.J. Cammalleri, Stix Gioffre, and Chane Smoyer
  28. Team Tony Toccaceli – Aaron Link, Tony Toccaceli, Eric Kaman, and Michael Link
  29. Team Jared Patton – Jared Patton, Bill Broski, Rick Pusateri and Paul Priestas
  30. Team Ron Barnum – Ron Barnum, Tom Barnum, Ryan Riesterer and Chuck Riesterer
  31. Team Jeff Lang – Jeff Lang, Gary McKay, Scott Crooks and Lauren Crooks
  32. Team Mike Sheppard – Bill Kelley, Jim Smoyer, John Essex and Mike Sheppard
  33. Team Kyle Codeluppi – Kyle Codeluppi, Vince Zappa, Jake Burns, and Justin Homerick
  34. Team Brian Cassidy – Brian Cassidy, Paul Szulc, Chris Szulc and Charlie Frankel
  35. Team Jacob Schwanger – Jacob Schwanger, Ray Gibbs, Bruce Townsley, and Tim Schwanger
  36. Team Travis Chapman – Travis Chapman, Ray Chapman, Ben Chapman and Mitchell Rice
  37. Team Mike Speer – Mike Speer, Alan Speer, Damian Leibold, and Jeremiah Robuck
  38. FREE Russell Classic Entry – Geno Scheck, Scott James, Charles Mink, and Scott Romick
  39. Team Tyler Speer – Tyler Speer, Jim Bottomlee, Ron Speer, and Glen Stockmaster
  40. Team Tyler Dix – Tyler Dix, Max Dahs, Kyle Koch, and Jay Fresch
  41. Team Alex Thomson – Alex Thomson, Shawn Bahnsen, PJ Lawrence and Michael Lang
  42. Team Roger Perin – Tim Perin, Al Barnum, Roger Perin, and Jeff Perin
  43. Team Paul Koch – Paul Koch, Kyle Hallock, Sean Finneran and Brett Catlett
  44. Team Rob Lewis – Rob Lewis, Zac Patrick, Gavin Cox, and TBD