The Dano Memorial Fund

The Dano Memorial Fund

The Dano Memorial Fund started out as a scholarship fund. For several years we used the fundraising efforts to award local area scholarships to high school students seeking higher education.

In 2020, we decided to make a shift as we continue to move forward with our fundraising efforts. While we will still award scholarships to select schools from time to time, moving forward we will select a single deserving charity each year and will donate to their worthy cause!

We are happy to report that the Dano Memorial is now an official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization!

2013 Scholarship Winners

Madison Mullins (Perkins), Kelsey Vaughn (Perkins), Lauren Mueller (Huron), Carolyn Stierhoff (Huron), Madison Bellflower (Sandusky), and Rachel Gebard (Sandusky)

2014 Scholarship Winners

Hannah Lang (Sandusky), Tara Whaley (Sandusky), Jodi Minton (Huron), LiAnna Schwerer (Huron), Tyler Puckrin (Perkins), and Joy Leiser (Perkins)

2015 Scholarship Winners

Jessie Spears (Fremont Ross), Faye Sloma (Fremont Ross), William J. Guss (Perkins), Natalie Matter (Perkins), Makhi Schreck (Sandusky), Morgan Spencer (Sandusky), Olivia Breay (Huron), Destini Smith (Huron), Matthew Ritzenthaler (St. Mary’s), and Molly Rhodes (St. Mary’s)

2016 Scholarship Winners

Riley Cremean (Perkins), Abigail Dresser (Perkins), Emily Muffler (Fremont Ross), Tyler Schell (Fremont Ross), Trayjen Rarden (Huron), Jillian Balde (Huron), Kayla Yontz (St. Mary’s), Jenna Hinds (St. Mary’s), Grace Wimmer (Sandusky), Davion Fisher (Sandusky)

2017 Scholarship Winners

Samantha Hagan (Fremont Ross), Kirsten Baker (Fremont Ross), Bennett Arthur (Huron), William Steuk (Huron), Sydney Kromer (St. Mary’s), Rosemary Murphy (St. Mary’s), Melanie Prelipp (Sandusky), Sydney Smith (Sandusky), Alyssa Bushhorn (Perkins), and Tai Lin-Song Knoll (Perkins)

2018 Scholarship Winners

Qui’Ajanique Hunter (Sandusky), Andra Grant (Sandusky), Dawson Varuola (Sandusky), Parker Cremean (Perkins), Claudia Corso (Perkins), Hannah Schoen (Perkins), James Fischer (St. Mary’s), Megan Maschari (St. Mary’s), Sarah Kay Schott (Fremont Ross), Alyssa Fry (Fremont Ross), Ethan Lee (Huron), and Christopher Davis (Huron)

2019 Scholarship Winners

Andrew McVeigh (Perkins), Logan Schoen (Perkins), Caitlyn Ryan (Huron), Olivia Arthur (Huron), Jayla Mundy (Sandusky), Kristen Ehrnsberger (Sandusky), Lexi Sours (Fremont Ross), Rayleigh Weaver (Fremont Ross), Tre’Jeen McCarty (Sandusky Central Catholic), and Isabella Fischer (Sandusky Central Catholic)

2020 Chosen Charity and Scholarship Winners

The New Perspective Foundation; Kaylyn Barnette (Perkins) and Karlie Kinn (Perkins) 

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