2017 Golf Tournament


6th Annual Dano Memorial Golf Outing – Teams Entered/Reserved

To reserve your team, please contact Jarrett Lang via text at 419-656-2625 or via email at Jarrett.Lang@gmail.com 

** Next to team name indicates team entry fee has been received.

  1. **Team Dano – Willie Lauer, Cory Seiler, Andrew Toccaceli, and Jarrett Lang
  2. **Team Beth Mathews – Beth Mathews, Bob Mathews, Rob Mathews, and David Schoen
  3. **Team Haggerty – Billy Haggerty, Harry Perdue, Keith Swiegert, and Joe Hedberg
  4. Team Tony Toccaceli – Tony Toccaceli, Andrea Smith, Chrissy Kaman, and Erick Kaman
  5. **Team Guns n’ Hoses – Evan Estep, Ross Glovinsky, Jason Martin, and Ray Young
  6. **Team Nic Cassidy – Nic Cassidy, Scott James, Scott Romick, and Charles Mink
  7. Team Mike Speer – Mike Speer, Jeremiah Robuck, Sean Robuck, and Damian Leibold
  8. Team Mark Speer – Mark Speer, Rodney Peters, Jackson Schaefer, and Tyler Richardson
  9. **Team Stephanie Dubois – Stephanie Dubois, Beth McGookey, Amanda Toole, and Aaron Toole
  10. **Team Jimmy Stacey – Jimmy Stacey, Brittany Stacey, Katie Cotton, and Chad Cotton
  11. Team Monica Seitz – Monica Seitz, Tracee Lizzi, Cathy Lizzi, and Jen Parker
  12. **Team Adam Rice – Adam Rice, Jed Cullen, Bryce Nemitz, and Kyle Galindo
  13. Team Andrea Carter – Andrea Carter, Sonny Barnes, Steve Old, and Jeff Risner
  14. **Team Mike Losey – Mike Losey, Jim Davis, Brian Goff, and Lenny Kuns
  15. **Team Rather be Golfin’ – Jeff Lee, Connie Lee, Judy Binting, and Steve Schwerer
  16. **Team Anna Jasper – Anna Jasper, Sue Frank, Pat Browe and Butch Allendorf
  17. **Team Jason Zess – Jason Zess, Howard Lawrence, Jason Herb, and Ryan Camella
  18. **Team Roger Perin – Roger Perin, Michael Graham, Bob Pusateri, and Jason Roth
  19. Team Gary Gilbert – Gary Gilbert, Tom Kudela, Todd Gerold, and Jim Henry
  20. **Team Jeff Lang – Jeff Lang, Scott Crooks, Gary Mackay, and Aaron Teal
  21. Team Scot Mayhorne – Scot Mayhorne, Brian Billman, Brett Kromer and Andy Waldock
  22. **Team Tommy Rutger – Bob Gorby, Tommy Rutger, Shane Brightman, and Juan Torres
  23. Team Josh Lang – Josh Lang, Mark Swain, Jarret Ensign, and Josh Brown
  24. **Team Tyler Speer 1 – Tyler Speer, Ron Speer, Jim Bottomlee, and Tony Winters
  25. Team Tyler Speer 2 – John Schaefer, Joe Hauke, Justin Caudill, and Shawn Bahnsen
  26. **Team Brian Cassidy – Brian Cassidy, Paul Carroll, Paul Szulc, and Grady King
  27. **Team Jeff Lizzi – Jeff Lizzi, John Lizzi, Jeff Lewis, and Gary Schaefer
  28. Team Robin Lang – Robin Lang, Jeff Franks, Ashley Franks, and Eric Kelly
  29. Team Denny Watson – Denny Watson, Kyle Watson, Kyle Howard, and Nathan Harris
  30. **Team Ben Chapman – Ben Chapman, Travis Chapman, Randy Manuella and Bruce Boissoneault
  31. Team Scott Lang – Scott Lang, Brett Ninke, Barry Bova, and Wally Russell
  32. **Team Brett Koch – Brett Koch, AJ Erney, Ray Seiler, and Jeff Erney
  33. **Team Joe Lamb – Joe Lamb, Tom Kowaleski, Aaron Kowaleski, and Jose Sanchez
  34. **Team Tony Kelley – Tony Kelley, Shayne Smoyer, Steve Popke, and AJ Cammalleri
  35. **Team Russell Classic – Mike Miller, Todd Kaufman, Ryan Griggs, and
  36. **Team Gene Kidwell – Gene Kidwell, Jerome Harrington, Jine Harrington, and Ed Muffler
  37. **Team Jared Patton – Jared Patton, Matt Zahel, Scott Manuella, and Max Dahs
  38. Team David Lang – David Lang, Jeff Justi, Gary Geiger, and Tim Zuck
  39. **Team Mike Sheppard – Mike Sheppard, Jim Smoyer, Bill Kelley and John Essex
  40. **The Putt Pirates – Chase Brownell, Chad McDowell, Tom Cruze, and Tyler Brownell
  41. Team Mike Speer 2 – Jason Green, TBD, TBD, and TBD
  42. **Team Ron Barnum – Ron Barnum, Al Barnum, Chuck Riesterer and Ryan Riesterer
  43. **Team Dave Kessler – Dave Kessler, Barb Kessler, Sharon Dubois, and Jeff Dubois
  44. Team Sticks – Sticks Gioffre, Frank Gioffre, Craig Soule, and Alex Rogosheski