*Pairings are subject to change

Hole 1 – Team Dano and Team Bill Smith

Hole 2 – Team Tyler Speer and Team Brian Cassidy

Hole 3 – Team Guns and Hoses and Team Danny Doster

Hole 4 – Team Tony Kelley and Team Keith Melville

Hole 5 – Team Jarret Ensign and Team Jason Zess

Hole 6 – Team Joe Lamb and Team David Lang

Hole 7 – Team Mathews and Team Andrea Smith

Hole 8 – Team Mike Speer and Team Andy Fantozz

Hole 9A – Team Robin Lang and Team Scot Mayhorne

Hole 9B – Team Mark Speer and Team Steve Kurtz

Hole 10 – Team Brett Koch and Team Paul Koch

Hole 11 – Team Roger Perin and Team Ron Barnum

Hole 12 – Team Mike Losey and Team Jeff Lee

Hole 13 – Team Jerome Harrington and Team Moving Company

Hole 14 – Team Jeff Lizzi and Team Raymond Schaefer

Hole 15 – Team John Reddaway and Team Mike Sheppard

Hole 16 – Team Travis Chapman and Team Adam Rice

Hole 17A – Team Jeff Lang and Team Steve Old

Hole 17B – Team D-Bo and Team Sharon Dubois

Hole 18 – Team Howard Lawrence and Team Billy Haggerty