Teams Entered – Team Event

4th Annual LogoTeam Event – $20 per bowler – Saturday, March 19 at 1:00 pm – Star Lanes – 5 Person Teams – 3 games – USBC Certified

  • $100 award for 300 game or 800 series
  • 50/50
  • Award raffles
  • Strike Jackpot
  • Brackets and Jackpot
  • Danny Whammy “Last Man Standing” Event

Top 5 Teams are Paid Out (80% of entry fee is being paid out)

24 Team Max 

Reservations are being taken – email or text Jarrett Lang to save a team spot (419-656-2625 or

  1. Team Dano 1 – Jenna Lang, Jarrett Lang, Jerome Harrington, Robin Lang, and Jason Schwiefert
  2. Team Dano 2 – Jine Harrington, Andrea Smith, Ryan Arthur, Hannah Lang, and TBD
  3. Team Bill Broski- TBD
  4. Team Woody – Andrew Toccaceli, Doug Kromer, Tom Ohlemacher, Willie Lauer and AJ Cammelleri
  5. Team Monica Seitz – Monica Seitz, Mike Harmon, Dennis Pruitt, Mark Conger and Jeff Meyer
  6. Team Dave Kessler – Jim Rogers, Madman Modic, Dave Kessler, Roger Perin, and Ken Gerhardstien
  7. Team Alex Smith – Alex Smith, Adam Rice, Shane Toccaceli, Tony Toccaceli, and Scott Romick
  8. Team Vesta Whyde – TBD
  9. Team Tony Kelley – Tony Kelley, Chris Chapman, Terry Chapman, Todd Michel and Kevin Krieger
  10. Team Vicki Chamberlain – Vicki Chamberlain, Mike Chamberlain, Jason Michael, Jeff Fox and Jeff Lewis
  11. Team Jeff Lizzi – TBD
  12. Team Cory Seiler – Cory Seiler, Seth Link, Tracy Link, Laura Speer and Pat O’Brien
  13. Team Rio Evans – TBD
  14. Team Brother Bill – Bill Mckillips, Suzanne Mckillips, Corey Mckillips, Brandon Gibson, and Theresa Gibson
  15. Team Steve West – Steve West, Brian West, Gary Schaefer, Michael Miller, and John Lizzi
  16. Team Todd Kaufmann – TBD
  17. Team Megan Lauer – Tori Kurt, Holly Patsch, Jaclene Pisano, Brit Caudill, and Megan Lauer
  18. Team Justin Caudill – TBD
  19. Team CDL #1- Cathy Dorin-Lizzi, Brian Sowards, Dave Palin, Tony Rodisel and Johnny Bragg
  20. Team BUCKY- TBD
  21. Team Beth Tompkins – Jessica Kaufman, Beth Tompkins, Christa Berlekamp, Deema Torres, and Stephanie Kaufman
  22. Team Payne – Mike Galindo, Sam Galindo, Brooke Payne, Chad Payne, and Terry Camp
  23. Team Modic – Eric Smith, Willie Clark, Verna Modic, Jason Modic, and Hannah Modic
  24. Team Howard Lawrence – TBD


Team CDL #2