Teams Entered

Reservations for team event are now CLOSED. The team event is full and we are on a wait list.

If you have reserved a team, please get your entry form and payment in ASAP!

Download your entry form here.

Team Event – 5 Person Teams – Saturday, April 1 at 1:00 pm

  1. Team Jarrett Lang – Jason Schwiefert, Robin Lang, Jerome Harrington, Joe Hedberg, and Jarrett Lang
  2. Team Cory Seiler – Ty Speer, Laura Speer, Kevin Speer, Cory Seiler and 5th
  3. Team Tony Toccaceli – Tony Toccaceli, Paul Czap, Jason Zess, Nick Schnittker, and Matt Melching
  4. Lang’s Automotive 1 – Shane Toccaceli, Scott Romick, Christopher Chapman, Andrew Toccaceli, and Willie Lauer
  5. Lang’s Automotive 2 – Jared Patten, Alex Smith, Adam Rice, Bill Broski, and Steve Schoewe
  6. Team Hannah Lang – Hannah Lang, Shelbi Neidler, Erin Vancauwenbergh, Denny Watson, and Chad Bilman
  7. Team Monica Seitz – Gina Vincent, Monica Seitz, Dennis Pruitt, Mark Conger, and Mike Harmon
  8. Team Megan Lauer – Megan Lauer, Brit Caudill, Jaclene Pisano, Tori Kurt, and Holly Caudill
  9. Team Justin Caudill – Justin Caudill, Brennan Smith, Pat Harrington, John Schaefer, and Mike Eirons
  10. Team Dave Kessler – Dave Kessler, Mike Sheppard, John Essex, Jim Smoyer and John Reddaway
  11. Team  Gary Gilbert – Steve Old, Gary Gilbert, Jim Crooks, Jim Henry, and Jeff Lang
  12. Team Steve Dircks – Kim Dircks, Todd Gerold, Steve Dircks, Steve Bush, and Mike Collins
  13. Team Andrea Carter – Rachel Meyer, Nate Holzhauer, Andrea Carter, Jeff Risner, and Jeff Meyer
  14. Team Steve West – Gary Schaefer, Mike Miller, Steve West, Brian West, and John Lizzi
  15. Team Joe Lamb – Jim Rohrbacher, Brooke Chamberlain, Corey McKillips, Bill McKillips, and Brandon Gibson
  16. Team AJ Cammalleri – Doug Kromer, Tom Ohlemacher, Bruce Croteau, A.J. Cammalleri, and Matt Catri
  17. Team Jeff Lizzi – Rob Robinson, Kevin Ferback, Meghaan Reeves, Ron Snyder, and Jeff Lizzi
  18. Team Vicki Chamberlain – Vicki Chamberlain, Jason Michael, Jeff Fox, Mike Chamberlain, and Jeff Lewis
  19. Team Cathy Lizzi – Dave Palin, Dave Fresch, Johnny Bragg, Cathy Dorin-Lizzi, and Brian Sowards
  20. Team Jessica Kaufman – Julie Lewis, Jessica Kaufman, Steph Schwind, Dave Lewis, and Todd Kaufman
  21. Team Ken Biggert – Chris Baun, Brett Kromer, John Biggert, Gary Biggert, and Ken Biggert
  22. Team Jeff Lee – Don Pfiel, Steve Schwerer, Brian Goff, Doug Boyer, and Jeff Lee
  23. Team Jason Modic – Brandon Neely, Mike Balemian, Jahseri Young, Verna Modic, and Jason Modic
  24. Team Jerry Modic – Willie Clark, Bryce York, Mike Collingsworth, Jim Rogers, and Jerry Modic