Saturday, March 7 – Teams Entered

Saturday, March 7, 2015 at 1:00 pm – TEAM EVENT







Saturday’s Event will include:

  • 50/50
  • Bowling Ball Raffles
  • Strike Jackpot
  • Handicap and Scratch Brackets ($5 per bracket entered)
  • Handicap and Scratch Jackpot
  • (1) $100 Danny Whammy Winner (being held before team event begins – each team is automatically entered – it’s a last team standing event to be explained prior to start time)
  • Woodford Reserve Bourbon Drink Special (Dano’s favorite)
  • Team Event winners paid out (1st through 5th)
  • $100 for a sanctioned 300 game (only one per bowler)
  • $100 for a sanctioned 800 series (only one per bowler)

This list does not reflect Saturday’s lane pairings. Please contact me if you would like to be paired with a specific team.

  1. Triple B’s – Deema Torres, Beth Tompkins, Stephanie Shwind, Jessica Kaufman, and Todd Kaufman
  2. Team Justin Caudill – Justin Caudill, Jeremy Ninke, John Schaefer, Erick Stock, and Ray Young
  3. Team Tony Kelley – Terry Chapman, Tony Kelley, Chris Chapman, Bill Kelley, and Kevin Krieger
  4. Jimmy’s – Wolff Brothers – Doug Kromer, Dan Binting, Tom Ohlemacher, A.J. Cammelleri, and Matt Catri
  5. Team Mike Sheppard – Jim Rogers, Dave Kessler, John Essex, Mike Sheppard, and Jim Smoyer
  6. Team Jeff Lee – Judy Binting, Steve Schwerer, Connie Lee, Jeff Lee and Bruce Croteau
  7. Team Dano – Jenna Lang, Jine Harrington, Robin Lang, Jerome Harrington, and Jarrett Lang
  8. Team Andrea Smith – Andrea Smith, Jeana Harrington, Megan Lauer, Jill Toccaceli, and Brit Caudill
  9. Lang’s Automotive #1 – Andrew Toccaceli. Shane Toccaceli, Scott Romick, Bill McKillups, and Willie Lauer
  10. Lang’s Automotive #2 – Alex Smith, Adam Rice, Trent Downing, Travis Chapman, and Tyler Speer
  11. Team Nick Baker – Dan Baker, Pam Baker, Jerod Snyder, Ben Cristell, and Nick Baker
  12. Team Cathy Dorin-Lizzi – Cathy Dorin-Lizzi, Michael Miller, Brian Sowards, Jim Rogers, and Dave Palin
  13. Team Who’d We Get – Meghaan Nestor, Rich Whyde, Vesta Whyde, Brent Yoakum and Al Thompkins
  14. Team Jeff Lizzi – Jen Parker, Steve Tamborrino, Joe Crisp, Rob Robinson, and Jeff Lizzi
  15. Team John Lizzi – Mike Miller, Gary Schaefer, Brian West, Steve West, and John Lizzi
  16. Team Vicki Chamberlain – Vicki Chamberlain, Jason Michel, Jeff Fox, Mike Chamberlain, and Jeff Lewis
  17. Team Steve Old – Gary Gilbert, Nate Holzhauer, Kevin Gosser, Steve Old, and Jeff Lang
  18. Team Joe Gillingham – Joe Gillingham, Larry Collins, Todd Gerold, Steve Bush, and Jim Henry
  19. Team Monica Seitz – Monica Seitz, Dennis Pruitt, Mark Conger, Mike Harmon and Dick Casper
  20. Team Andrea Carter – Rachel Meyer, Johnny Bragg, Andrea Carter, Jeff Meyer, and Jeff Risner
  21. Team Will Justice – Will Justice, Austin Adams, Ron Ross, Steve Schoewe, and Tim Brauer
  22. Team Matt Fields – Sam Galindo, Chris Cole, Jeremy Crayton, Matt Fields, and Terry Camp
  23. Team Tony Molnar – Adriana Molnar, Cher Sinwald, Darrell Whyde, Cody Cantley, and Tony Molnar
  24. Team Jacob Schwanger – Eric Hille, Joe Radloff, Eric Sarr, Tim Schwanger, and Jacob Schwanger

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